Friday, March 7, 2008

Photos - Tim & Elizabeth

April 2007
Northwest University [NU] "Evening"

April 2007
NU "Evening"

April 2007
NU "Evening" (right before Cara and George were engaged)

May 2007
Dinner with Tim's parents in Tacoma

August 2007
Gem Lake Hike

September 2007
Anna & Stephen's wedding

September 2007
Basecamp of Mt. Shuksan with Keisha, Chris, and Mike (taking the picture)

January 2008
Iglooing above Snoqualmie (Matt and Keisha pictured)

January 13th, 2008

January 13th, 2008
Celebrating with my parents

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  1. You guys are such a lovely couple!

    I wish you guys many, many happy years.


    Happy Friday



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