Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tim & Elizabeth's Wedding Party


(From L to R) Rachel, me, Cara (maid of honor), and George (Cara's fiancee), posing outside of Bath Abbey, England.

Cara was my second roommate at Northwest University. We laughed together, played together, hung out together, and fought together (AKA: Tae Kwon Do, Judo, and shenai sparring, wrestling matches, etc.). Most importantly we matured and grew closer to the Lord together. She helped me through some of the toughest times in my life with supernatural grace and patience and I can only hope to continue to repay the favor for many years to come.

Tara Holland, my third roommate at Northwest University. At the time I was a Senior in the Nursing program and she was a Junior. A housing arrangement which originally came about half out of convenience, half out of the beginnings of friendship, developed in a deep friendship not only between her and I, but between both of our families. I'm sure we will all stay in touch for a very long time.

(Top to bottom, L to R) Andrew, Kim (bridesmaid), Joshua, Matthew, and Paul Ott. How can I not have my older sister in my wedding party? She is smart, sweet, and so giving of her time and talents. Did you know she designed, created, addressed, and sent all the invitations? What a blessing!

Liana Seim, best friend since 4 years old. Between life struggles and leaving for college at different times, we have drifted apart some but not a lot. But no matter how much we grow and change, we will always have that foundation of friendship.


Matthew, my youngest nephew. He'll do a great job.


Best man Josh Olsen (next to Tim) [friends Chris and Mike also pictured]

David and Joshua Zwicker

Caleb Tonn


Paul, Elizabeth's brother-in-law.

Andrew, Elizabeth's oldest nephew.

Josh, the middle nephew. We're so cool, man!

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